geek t-shirts

Ok so maybe I’m just a big fat nerd, but I absolutely love geek t-shirt designs.

The world of gaming has come a hellova long way in the past 20 years and I am very happy to have lived through the pioneering era of video games.

All you younger Springleapers don’t know how lucky you are to have such epic gaming systems at your finger tips.
I think the first video games I ever played were titles like Space Invaders and Pong, heck I even played a text based adventure called Zork….that’s right, there wasn’t even any graphics…just text.

Since the 70’s and 80’s video games have grown exponentially and the culture behind games and geek culture has become a multi-million dollar industry.

The fact of the matter is that there are millions of gaming geeks worldwide who spend hours of their day slogging away at their keyboards/game pads in order to level up.

The next obvious step for something as huge as the world of video gaming, is making sure that commercially it becomes an avenue for BIG BUCKS.

Yes, many people moan about the myriad of gaming t-shirts and paraphernalia that has come out for video games and that the industry has sold its own micro chipped soul.

As far as I’m concerned if I can get my hands on a super cool geek t-shirt that has a character I really dig, or some obscure video game comment that only a few faithful gamers will understand, then I will most certainly buy one.

Geek t-shirts can be found all over the net these days. has quite a few designs that can be classified as geek t-shirts, however there is only one site that I frequent to look for groovy gaming t-shirts…and that is J!NX.

J!NX sells clothing that adheres to the tastes of pretty much anybody that has a love for games or RPG’s (role playing games), such as Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulu.

Well pretty much J!NX sells anything that falls under the extreme sub-culture groups, which includes various material from internet phenomenon’s.

Honestly you have to visit J!NX to fully understand the amount of geek t-shirts that are out there. is however nipping at the heels of some of these mega internet groups with small contributions to geekdom that seem to be popping up on the competition more and more frequently.

TokyoGoGo is a dude who has stepped out most recently with a TRUE geek t-shirt design…and won!

His geeky yet ultra universal Crop Pixels design has done for geek design on Springleap, what syrup has done for waffles .

It doesn’t stop there though. Take a look at classics such as DustyRich’s stunning Video Games Rock and Dave Duartes mega geek t-shirt entitled Amazing Marketing Machine. has a huge selection of designs that I would consider geeky….maybe not video game style, but certainly it has characters that are iconic in the geek world, one such example being good ol’ Godzilla and the Sasquatch.

It seems over our relatively short existence Springleapers have come up with quite a horde of geek t-shirts, which really makes my little geek heart cry tears of liquid metal joy.

Don’t stop now Springleapers, let’s see more geek t-shirt designs flying through in the next compo.
We love em, you seem to love em…heck the whole world is going geek, so SEND EM THROUGH 😀

DAC fashion seminar

Hi there everybody.

Sanlam fashion week is just around the corner and as some of you will know that during this period the DAC Fashion seminar runs together with it.

This is the 6th year that the DAC fashion seminar will be held and every year it proves to highlight important issues and exciting trends in the fashion industry.

This year the seminar will undoubtedly focus primarily on the rocky economic situation that we are all facing at the moment.

“Get with the fashion programme!” will be the name that the seminars will be conducted under this year

Small businesses will be looked at very closely, as well as the potential for maintaining stability within these businesses.

While the bigger manufacturers and fashion houses are having mixed fortunes with the current economic downturn, it is perhaps a ‘cloud with a silver lining’ for smaller businesses that can produce smaller runs and keep originality.
Small business owners will definitely find this year’s DAC seminar extremely interesting as well as informative in possible directions for their businesses.

The seminar will have a long list of important people from all sectors of the community, ranging from gurus in retail and design, to boff’s in the marketing world.

Not only will there be a host of locally specific seminars, but there will be an up to date introspective look at important issues in the European market in fashion design, hosted by Marie Faure, who is a well respected GIH tutor.

Some of the most exciting seminars will most definitely be the hands on demonstrations, such as the seminar with Conrad de Mol, who will be conducting a practical demonstration of the knowledge he acquired during advanced technical and pattern making courses, which hopes to enhance our “industry upskilling initiative”.

So yeah, all very exciting and in aid of promoting something extremely important.

The DAC seminars are an absolute must for just about anybody because they are open to the public.

If you would like to know more about all the wonderful seminars that will be going down, head on over to the Sanlam Fashion Weeks main page and give it a thorough peruse.

What’s cooking I hear you demand? Well I’ve been thinking, it doesn’t happen very often, and I wandered why hasn’t anyone famous been caught wearing an awesome creation? I came to two conclusions. Firstly, the most obvious one, because no one famous has seen any of our amazing tshirt’s and secondly, well I didn’t get that far. But come on, these so called fashion junkies that celebrities claim to be should have heard of and maxed out their credit cards at the coolest spot for tees ages ago, seems like everyone else has!

The site is a blog spot for all weird and wonderful tee designs that the bloggers in general could find on other sites as well as a range of ideas for tees that have been submitted to their site. They give little opinion and a link to the tee in question. All in all a fun site that’s perpetuating awesome tee design, illustration and yes eventual consumption.

What got me on the topic of celebrity’s and the tees they’re sporting is a little website by the name of t-shirt watch, a website dedicated to following the t-shirts that ‘celebrities’ wear. For all intents and purposes stalkers! Haha. Well they suggested it, saying that I came across this awesome little t shirt that deserves a little lime light, if the celebs don’t mind sharing!? Tsk tsk.Celebrity tees1

Well with hullabaloo surrounding Michael Jackson’s death not too long ago and the ensuing scandal that MJ’s father vows to unveil. True to our capitalist inclinations in general many people, somewhere out there, jumped on the band wagon and created MJ tribute tees. I managed to find a couple but nothing that really caught my attention or anything that captured the artist as I saw and recognised him for.


Beach Shoes


Beach shoes? What the heck is a beach shoe?

These days the whole idea of the beach has become a hectically fashion driven experience.

A few days ago I did a blog mentioning a few cool things to take to the beach….and of course a whole bunch of stuff that I said had no place at the beach.

Well one of those items happened to be Crocs, which are extremely popular…even though they are probably some of the ugliest things I have ever seen for human feet.

Crocs, under the category of beach shoe, are listed as one of the new items making a show at the beach these days….hey I’m not surprised.

Crocs in general have become ultra popular and their leap to beach shoe is not surprising.

Crocs are actually an interesting anomaly amongst the “new” beach shoes for the summer, purely because compared to the other beach shoes they are mega ugly.

Another shoe that I have mentioned before are the gladiator sandals that all the high end fashionistas seem to be clambering for.

Supposedly its cool to wear these sandals from the beach all the way around town and then back home again.
As you can hear I’m not a mega fan of these gladiator sandals either.

Since the last blog I wrote I have to admit I have seen a few girls that really pull the look off well…of course they are tall and skinny which makes it look quite cool…short girls stay away.

When I think about beach shoes the first thing that pops to mind are good old fashioned flip flops (slops) which serve me well even till today…they are easy comfy and when they break you don’t cry about the hundreds of rands you have blown on some fancy shmancy pair of beach shoes.

It’s interesting to see the varied materials that are being used as well, rubber of all types come together to make new crazy materials.

Kushies and Crewsaver have started making bootie style beach shoes that close just below the ankle….they remind me of ninja shoes lol.

Well what can I say it’s a brave new world out there for the humble beach shoe.

Everybody from Crocs to Nike have something for this class of shoe…what will become of the flip flops of the past? Theres no way they could simply vanish from the annuls of history, could they?

Well I’m sure the trendy crowd won’t be able to hold the real beach boys n’ girls down altogether.

Us hardy born on the beach types outnumber the prancy “look at me look at me” beach folk….for the time being that is.
Come on everybody don’t throw away those flip flops just yet…hold onto your past…save the flip flop 😉

PS: speaking of ugly beach shoes….remember those first Biotribes that came out…OMG looking back at those was quite the eye opener…what was I thinking lol.

So what summer shoes will you be wearing out and about people?

I think we all know what I will be wearing 😀

army surplus

The world of high fashion is always is a constant state of flux. While the upper echelons of the fashion world compete ceaselessly to out-perform their competitors by becoming even more experimental and blurring the lines between male and female styles, there is one “fashion style” that I feel will always have a cult following.
That is of course the world of army surplus garments!

Hehe I suppose you were expecting me to talk about jeans and t-shirts again lol.

No, I have always been a fan of the military. Not because of the violence, not because of the atrocities that they visit upon humanity for the sake of a few, but for the practicality and simplicity in all that they design.

While military clothing design has not changed much in the past 50 years aesthetically, there are still areas that continue to change at a rate that would put any high fashion label to shame.

In regards to the military it’s all about simplicity, comfort and durability. Obviously the average military uniform is rather bland, thats the purpose, which army runs around with bright feathers and big shiny brass buttons anymore? One that wants to get shot, thats who!

Think about the new materials that come out almost daily to keep soldiers cool and offer better, lighter protection. The world of military fashion, or rather design, is evolving at a break-neck pace!

Military army surplus stores are just about everywhere online. While it seems that less and less army surplus stores can manage to stay open in the retail sector, it seems that they are all making the move to internet stores, which are much more cost effective. Of course the “military look” itself is not extremely prolific among most citizens, but there are few people who don’t have at least one piece of military apparel or something styled along the lines of military gear. This year’s winter season will see the comeback of World War 2 officer uniforms as well as fur lined aviator boots…which I think are pretty damn cool. Even the single and double breasted military coats are coming back into fashion at the moment. I’m just waiting for all the up market labels to start churning out military attire in the next few months. It’s happened before many times and will continue to happen in the future. Consider the NATO jacket phase that we went through back in 2004. I love my NATO jacket and still wear it when the cold grasp of winter is at it firmest.

Online there is an abundance of military surplus stores. You can get anything from helmets to canvas tents.
Heck you can even find military can openers and berets!

Here is a link to a site called Army Surplus Stores SA. This is a good starter to see what kinds of things are available.

However you may want to check out CamoCorp for a great range of military clothing.

So when somebody asks you for the best places in town for cheap t-shirts what are the first stores that jump to mind?
Well obviously working with I know that the best quality and priced shirts can be found right here in our Sea Point store.

But hey I don’t want to start a blog that sounds propagandist hahaha.

What I’m getting at is that I have noticed quite a few stores have decided to launch a range of shirts like Jay Jays has done that cost only 99 bucks…which is a pretty damn cheap t-shirt if you ask me.

Mr. Price has always had cheap shirts, but unfortunately their design squad has always lacked power…they mostly throw together what looks like vector pack sandwiches.

While cheap t-shirts at R99 sound too good to refuse, you still need to be very careful about the overall quality of the t-shirt itself.

Lets face it people these R99 cheap t-shirts are not meant to last!

I remember the first cheap t-shirt I ever bought was from Mr. Price many years back when I was a proper professional student and let me tell you, it wasn’t a relationship that was “built” to last.

After one wash the print had faded and some of the thread had started to come undone.

Even though it was a cheap t-shirt and knew that it wasn’t going to stand the test of time, I was pretty annoyed that it lasted less than a month before it became a “sleeping shirt”.

Cheap t-shirts have come a long way and you can pick up a half decent 100 buck shirt from Markhams, but still, these shirts (at any of these stores)are only that price because of the materials used and of course the nationwide mass production which cuts the costs.

So yeah, it’s quite a struggle to find a cheap t-shirt that is quality and also won’t be on the back of a couple of thousand other people.


Arise Cape Town Fashion Week

Let’s face it, the winter has been long and hard this season, especially down here in the Western Cape. It seems that we are in a perpetual motion of getting sick, recovering and then getting sick all over again.

The good news is that it seems that the cold weather might just be abating. However my fingers are tightly crossed in this regard.

While everybody waits for the bliss of hot summer days spent lounging on the beach sipping a cocktail, there are a lucky few in South Africa who are privy to a taste of what is to come in spring and summer.

Arise Cape Town Fashion Week, which saw some of the hottest local talent, blasted the Cape Town International Convention Centre this weekend.

One of our fearless leaders Eran Eyal was on hand to witness the full might of the event and to rub shoulders with some of the biggest fashion gurus in SA, lucky dude.

Day 1 featured some hot designs from Lelesso, Sway and Misfit. All of which have gained some serious momentum over the years, or who have already ingrained them in the South African fashion scene.Cape Town Fashion Week 2009.

Another awesome deviation from the norm was the intrusion from the guys and girls of P.A.S.T (People against suits and ties) who were all headed by none other than super local hotties Kerry McGregor and Terri McGregor. The P.A.S.T crew ran amuck in nothing but t-shirts and underwear, much to the appreciation of the crowd…as you can well imagine haha.

Eran managed to have a chat with the McGregor girls, who he says are super down to earth, which is always great to hear, given their huge popularity.

So it seems that day 1 of the Arise Cape Town fashion week event ran pretty smoothly, other than the fact that they started almost 2 hours later than was scheduled….oh well I guess that is a pretty normal Capetonian factor LOL.

It will be interesting to see if the event, which as I have mentioned is sponsored by Arise Magazine, will continue next year. As far as I know this is the first time Arise has organized the event, so hopefully the more hardcore critics will like what they see and not shred it to pieces in the press. First time anything is never easy.

Ok thats a mention for day 1, I will have to do a follow up for day 2 of this brilliant event tomorrow, I just need a few more fabulous pics of the second day, Eran will undoubtedly hook us up 😉

Otherwise heres sending out a BIG high five to all the designers from day 1 who kicked much fashion design butt.
There are some seriously amazing designs coming through, do yourselves a favour and click on the picture, go through to our Flickr page and check out the rest of the designs that turned heads at the Arise Cape Town Fashion Week.

Groovy news: It’s time to announce the winner of our Me Love you Long Time theme competition on This was most certainly a very close race to the finish for the designers.

However one designer pipped all the others to the finish line and took the honours.

Congratulations to James, who we all know as Suburbanhijinx, for his apocalyptic love story design entitled: Apocalyptic Sunset. AMAZING!

As many of you would have already noticed, this is not the first time that Suburbanhijinx has won with us here on, in fact he won with his STAND BY FOR PLANETARY DESTRUCTION design just 3 competitions ago.

I think we could have our next mega winner on our hands, who has the potential to join the ranks of designers such as the stalwart TokyoGoGo.

Suburbanhijinx took the idea of love enduring right until the brink of tragic death and really made the theme work well with it.

This is what James had to say about his design:

“Me love you long time is the theme and I couldn’t think of anything more fitting then being with your loved one for one last embrace. Plus without death, life, love, and all the good stuff just wouldn’t be as good.”

The Me Love you Long Time theme competition was a pretty broad design topic and it was great to see so many designers interpreting it in their own unique ways. I’m also happy to see that none of the design entries were of dodgy Vietnam war content LOL.

The theme competition is still quite “fresh” in the minds of Springleaper’s and there were one or two designs that did not quite fit the Me Love you Long Time bill, but it was great to see people trying their best to make a design work. WELL DONE to everybody who entered.

Battle of the Best top 5

I’m depressed as all hell. I just completed my voting for the Battle of the Best theme competition!

The truth is that I thought I would be happy to have a theme competition that featured all of our past winners fighting it out for the top designers spot.

If you have as yet not seen how many frigging insanely good designs are part of the competition, you won’t understand my sorrow.

Its time for my Battle of the Best top 5.

I want them all! You heard me ALL OF THEM! I was absolutely astounded at the design power in the Battle of the Best competition. It shouldn’t be surprising of course, but to actually face the challenge of picking my favourites in a compo that is riddled with talent, the problem became seriously vexing.

Usually I pick my top 3 designs for any given competition, but because of the sheer number of designs and of course design power, I have decided to make a top 5 selection….even that is a dismal attempt at picking out my favourites, but bear with me.

Ok here goes. First up in my Battle of the Best top 5 we have a designer who needs no introduction, Suburbanhijinx has done very well on in the past and continues to enter designs that shake up the competition. If Suburbanhijinx enters a competition, he usually has a chance of landing in the top spot. Suburbanhijinx has already won 3 separate theme competitions, which is a good indicator that his designs are truly awesome.

This time around his submission entitled Corporate Execution takes a poke at the ‘fat cats’ who walk all over the little guys like you and me. His solution: grab a corporate pig and send him to his doom, all you need is a blindfold and a rifle…not even a cigarette LOL. This one may be a tad dark to pull off the win this time around, but I reckon that Suburbanhijinx has a good chance with this one. He has other submissions as well, but Corporate Execution is the best of his best 😉

Rabobi, Rabobi kom my lekker frikkin Rabobi J

My second choice comes from the now legendary designer WolFox, who you will remember brought us the best selling t-shirt of history eSempowenis.

WolFox is back this time with your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman in a culture clashing local ‘n lekker masterpiece. Truly, this design has a HUGE chance of winning the Battle of the Best. I’d hate to label any one design as my favourite, especially in this competition, but if I had to pick one it would probably be Rabobi, Rabobi. Who can forget the Xhosa version of the Spiderman theme song from our youth. If you were a young South African boy, regardless of what nationality, this song made you get off the sofa and let web fly.

I have no doubt that this t-shirt has the potential to do even better than eSempowenis…that is if it wins of course.

Number 3. Ok, ok so this design choice is a bit of a ‘dark horse’ in my selection because it is taken from a television program that is still relatively unknown on South African soil. It’s the ultimate antihero tale. Dexter is a blood spatter analyst for the police, but he has a dark secret…he is also a serial killer that only hunts bad people who have slipped between the cracks of the criminal justice system. You love him, you hate him…you fear him. Dexter has become a sensation in the world of boring cliché television serials. But now take a look at the Tu’s tour de force submission Chop. The style of the image is taken from the well known street artist’s impression of Barack Obama during elections. However instead the style is used to integrate Dexter’s visage…it puts a seriously twisted spin on a man out for justice and a better world….don’t you think?

I love this design and would kill (metaphorically speaking) for one of these bad boys.

Stand back for number 4. Sebasebi won with us not so long ago for his contribution to our Eco awareness comp. Post Apocalypse was definitely a very worthy winner and has been widely anticipated by the community. Now in comparison to Sebasebi’s past submissions, his latest design Mr. Cosmos, goes beyond what I thought he was capable of. Now don’t get me wrong I loved his past stuff and I appreciate the style he was using, but this…..this is absolutely frigging beautiful. I have a strong feeling that this will capture a good portion of the community votes…how could it not, just look at it for a second. Epic Epic EPIC!!!!

My final choice for my Battle of the Best top 5 comes from the very popular designer DaRKo. He has submitted 3 very macabre design this time around, but every single one of them is superb. I truthfully had to flip a coin between this final choice entitled Dragon it Out and his equally dark design Koi with me.

Both of these designs have a very interesting element to them. They are both the absolute destruction of popular Asian good luck symbols. Both the Koi and Dragon are very important symbols of wealth, power and prosperity. While the Koi was interesting, it was nowhere as cool as the Dragon it Out design. I’m so used to seeing dragons used in cheap dodgy t-shirt designs. It’s so old and boring…however seeing this design gives me hope for old and tired designs. This is the last thing I thought I would see, nicely done DaRKo, brilliant design.

As I already mentioned it is an absolute joke how many design I have had to leave out of this list. In fact I will dedicate a further blog to my choices that didn’t quite make it.

This competition is going to be fierce and probably very veeeeery close to call!
Please get across to the voting page and get cracking with your selections.